Freight Broker Workshop - March 31st

40 Years of Business Expereince Shared In Our Classes

March 31st, 2018 - Only $995  (Valued @ $1495)
Includes a Training Manual, Materials, Test and your "Certificate of Completetion"
Freight Broker Specialized Education

First we would like to point out that everything you eat, drink, wear and use comes on a truck.  That this industry will never stop, and in a matter of fact it is growing.  Even the "Entrepreneur Magazine" rated this one of the top industry to be involved in.  This is a fast pace, fun and easy to learn business.

                                                               Trucking firms are revved up for 2018, with predictions of tight capacity and strong demand                                                                                  for freight hauling setting the stage for an anticipated big year ahead for the industry, and                                                                                      indicators pointing to a potentially sustained period of business expansion in the United States.

In this class you have the opportunity to learn how to become a "Freight Broker" or an "Agent" and you will learn to broker a load from start to finish.  Learn how to locate shippers who have freight to move and then to locate the carrier to haul the load.  This is where you earn your profit comes from. 

Example:  If a shipper gives you a load for $5,000 and you locate and negotiate with a carrier to haul it for $4,500 - this is a $500 profit.  Which if you are the Freight Broker,  this all goes into your pocket!  But if you're an agent instead - you profit 50 to 60% of that $500.

We tell everyone we train, "What you put into this is what you will get out of it."  How much you earn depends on you, how many loads do you have to move, and what was your profit margin.  And most of all, how much gumption and initiative that you put forth.   What you learn with us will only add credentials and credibility to your future endeavors in this industry.

Once you have completed this course... you will know whether or not you wish to be a Freight Broker or Broker Agent in this industry.  You will  receive a "Certificate of Completetion".  This certificate shows you understand how this business works, and you will either can go on to open your own brokerage firm or work for a broker from home.   

To ask question or to set an appointment call the main office at: 678-343-0088.  
​​( Note: Please leave us a message if we do not answer.  We are either in a training session or on the other phone line with a student)


Class Fee - Deposit Required - $495 

Class Fee - Balance Due by March 27th - $500



***  BALANCE DUE $500 BY MARCH 27th