Training in Conyers, GA


Frank S. - Conyers, GA States:  This was so informative, it exceeded what I thought would be presented. There was enough information, facts, ideas, that I'll be digesting this for another week.  I'm eager to get started.

John W. - Poughkeepsie, NY States:  This has been the most invaluable, fun informative class I have ever been in.  I wish there were more people willing to share information and lift up people.  Thank you so much!!!  It was very lifting to see so many black people learning to grow and so supportive of each other.  Thank you so much Maria!!!  This class felt like family!!!

Andrea S. - Conyers, GA States:  I received a lot of great information.  The work book (Manual) was filled with a lot of simplified information.  I feel that Instructor Maria was filled with knowledge and shared real world experiences with us.  Thank You.

Kelsey & Petrella F. - Riverdale, GA States:  It was an awesome experience.  The workshop was highly informative.  I taught me things unknown.  I've enjoyed the company of others and of course with my instructor had a great time.

Tuwanda W. - Hampton, GA States:  Professional class.  Instructor Maria is phenomenal and teaches at a basic level where all can understand and learn.  Two thumbs up!!!  

Vince T. - Jacksonville, FL States:  Great info.  I'm ready to move forward.

Claude C. - Greenville, GA States:  Thank you for the lessons you have shared.  I will let you know how it goes.

Sonny N. - Atlanta, GA States:  I honestly enjoyed this workshop and training for my new freight broker authority and its registration process and how to find the freight/shippers and the carriers who move the freight from one point to another.  Excellent instructor, very practical.

Dianiele W. - Poughkeepsie, NY States:  This workshop was very informative and information overload.

Kenesha R. - Hollywood, FL States:  This was a very informative class.  Staff was helpful and friendly.  Lots of information.

Erika D. - Ocala, FL States: I was very appreciative for this workshop.


Jerone J. - Pikesville, GA States:  Great course, very informative.  Thank you for the wealth of knowledge.


The Instructors State:  We had such a "BLAST" in this class.  It was like a family coming together, sharing with one another.  Enjoyed meeting each and everyone who attending.  Stay in contact!

Maria Suzettis




Training in Kilgore, TX

Michael D. States:  First off... Let me just say "THANK YOU" for your time and attitude.  I came here with an open mind not knowing what to expect and honestly a little nervous.  That being said, you've made learning this new language easy, funny and relaxed.  I appreciate any and all help you can give me in the future.  Have a safe trip.

Sally B. States:  Maria, This seminar and your presentations were very informative, well designed and easy to follow.  Your upbeat style and energy is just what this group needed to light a fire under everyone.  I thought the notebook was a great tool, easy to follow and a good manual going forward.  I loved the side-bars of information on personal business planning, good ideas, and how to set-up business in your home.  Really enjoyed meeting you and hope we will keep in touch.  Thanks.

Aaron M. States: Thank you for taking the time to teach us about the logistics of this industry.  As far as I know, you taught me everything I need to succeed in this industry.  I know how entertaining we must have been and I loved you having fun with us.  Hopefully we'll do ya' proud.  Go Broncos!

Scott L. States:  It was amazing and very educational.  I enjoyed every minute of it, and look forward to talking to you soon.  Hopefully with good news.  Thanks again.

Justin K. States:  Thank you very much for the training here in Texas.  I thought you did a fantastic job.  You really seen to know your stuff, and that makes me comfortable in this new adventure.  I look forward to getting into this field, and trying it out on my own.  Thanks Again.

Anthony F. States:  I've learned how to book a load. What forms to fill out and where they are to be sent.  I feel like I have an idea of the sequence of events that need to take place for the business to be a go.  Looking forward to getting my feet wet and becoming part of a strong team.

Tere P. States:  You made it all together!!!  Don't over think it!!!  It is what it is!!!  Thanks for coming.  Really enjoyed meeting you and Jada.