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Is a great business to get into and why? 

Because everything you eat, drink, wear and use comes on a truck.  This is a fast pace and fun industry to get into and this industry will never stop.  We are here to show you how to broker a load from start to finish.  We tell everyone who calls us "What you put into this, is what you will get out of it."  How much you earn all depends on you.  How much gumption and initiative that you put forth.   Once you are done with the course you will know whether or not you wish to be a Freight Broker or Broker Agent.   

Entrepreneur Magazine rated this one of the top industry to be involved with... so what are you waiting for?    To understand more about our course, go to our buttons above and click away!

To ask question or set an appointment call the main office at:  888-222-0829 or 678-343-0088.  Note: Please leave us a message if we do not answer, we are either in a training session or on the other line with a student.

Get your Broker or Carrier MC#/License & Registration and Process Agent/BOC-3 for only: $875.

Your Broker Bond will range between $750 - $3,500 yearly - depending on your credit.


So you want to start your own freight brokerage company or be an independent owner operator... you have come to the right place. 

Instructor Maria Suzettis has over 28 years experience in this business and has been educating individuals since 2000.  We are here to give you the chance at learning a new career in the transportation industry.  Showing you how to start and develop your own brokerage business.  Not only will you learn how to broker a load from start to finish but, you'll learn where to find the shippers who have freight and the carrier to haul the load. Learn about incorporating an LLC and building your business.  Learn how to buy a company vehicle at a discount. 

Get your Broker Authority and Process Agent/BOC-3 - or  - Carrier Authority for only $875.00

"It Does Not Hurt To Light One Candle With Another"

Our Motto:





Next Location:  Maynard/Bayne Building

31 S. Center St.  Suite D-2  Winder, Georgia


December 9th & 10th 2017  -  9:00 am to 4:00 pm




Coming to Tampa, FL - Jan. 27th & 28th

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Come to our workshop and learn how to broker a load from start to finish. 


1 - Individual:  $1250

2 - Individuals or more:  $950.00 Each


Workshop Is Valued At: $2950


Over 28 years of experience being shared in this workshop!


Learning to be a Freight Broker-Broker Agent in the transportation industry.

You will receive your own "Training Manual" with Step-by-Step instruction - from start to finish.

You will receive a Welcome Packages and "Certificate of Completion" will be given.

Paperwork and Procedures to book a load from start to finish.

Locating Shippers and Carrier.  

Setting up contracts.

Price Negotiations and details with both the Shippers and Carriers.

How to incorporate your business and build business credit.

Broker Authority / MC#  -  Process Agent / BOC-3 - Registration = ($875)

Bonding (usually - up to $3,500 a year).

Open Q & A Forum on final day of workshop.

The do's and don'ts of starting up a Brokerage business!



Get your Carrier Authority / MC# to become either a...

"Freight Broker" - or - "Independent Owner Operator"

Setting up your business entity for only $875.00.



Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included!

Questions:  888-222-0829  or  770-648-0504  





CALL US:  888-222-0829 or 678-343-0088



Flew To Texas To Train

Michael D. States:  First off... Let me just say "THANK YOU" for your time and attitude.  I came here with an open mind not knowing what to expect and honestly a little nervous.  That being said, you've made learning this new language easy, funny and relaxed.  I appreciate any and all help you can give me in the future.  Have a safe trip.

Sally B. States:  Maria, This seminar and your presentations were very informative, well designed and easy to follow.  Your upbeat style and energy is just what this group needed to light a fire under everyone.  I thought the notebook was a great tool, easy to follow and a good manual going forward.  I loved the side-bars of information on personal business planning, good ideas, and how to set-up business in your home.  Really enjoyed meeting you and hope we will keep in touch.  Thanks.

Aaron M. States: Thank you for taking the time to teach us about the logistics of this industry.  As far as I know, you taught me everything I need to succeed in this industry.  I know how entertaining we must have been and I loved you having fun with us.  Hopefully we'll do ya' proud.  Go Broncos!

Scott L. States:  It was amazing and very educational.  I enjoyed every minute of it, and look forward to talking to you soon.  Hopefully with good news.  Thanks again.

Justin K. States:  Thank you very much for the training here in Texas.  I thought you did a fantastic job.  You really seen to know your stuff, and that makes me comfortable in this new adventure.  I look forward to getting into this field, and trying it out on my own.  Thanks Again.

Anthony F. States:  I've learned how to book a load. What forms to fill out and where they are to be sent.  I feel like I have an idea of the sequence of events that need to take place for the business to be a go.  Looking forward to getting my feet wet and becoming part of a strong team.

Tere P. States:  You made it all together!!!  Don't over think it!!!  It is what it is!!!  Thanks for coming.  Really enjoyed meeting you and Jada.

The program was comprehensive and fun!  I am excited about starting a new career in this business.  The instructor really removed the veil of secrecy surrounding the freight broker business.

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"We had a blast in our class"


Amazing Course.  Super knowledgeable instructor with a wealth of knowledge.  Presented the information in a manner and degree to easily understand and apply.  I would definitely recommend this course to all whom aspire to join this business.  Thank you for lighting my candle.  I will stay in touch.

Contacted us early 2017 and sent us an email stating:  Because of meeting you (Instructor Maria) and taking your course everything that my family had needed had been possible.  Here are three examples:  Erika my oldest is playing Lacrosse in college however she leaves in 2 weeks with Team USA to play in the World Championships.   Connor is leaving in a week to go to the University of Michigan football camp then on to the Under Armor football camp.   Kira is on her way to summer camp for two weeks, one youth camp for the church and the Gibson Camp which is camp that Gibson Guitars puts on.  None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t attended your program.   Jennifer is no longer working, except on Monday and Friday with helping with billing and payroll.   I now have 6 people working for me and 3 agents located in Waterloo, IA, Jefferson, GA and Peoria, IL.   We are currently looking to get our foot in the door at (private company info).   I have a meeting on the 20th in Iowa with (private company info).  I will be looking for 3-4 new agents once I get my new office finish building for both of the companies.   The building has 10 offices, 2 service bays and a warehouse to house all of our step deck supplies.   The completion and the day I get my keys is July 5th.  I would be excited, not to mention honored, if you would come and tour the facility when you are in town.   Above all… this would not be possible unless the good Lord had took a liking to me.   I have to say… I think He truly loves me.

Who Are The Key Players?

This industry is so huge and diverse requires a wide range of participants to thrive. Some of these participants titles may be a bit confusing and some of their responsibilities may overlap. But to keep things as clear and simple as possible, let's look at who the key players are and what they do.



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Sept. 2015 he email us stating: Jennifer (my wife) and I just bought a house that we paid cash for about 2 weeks ago in Seymour, TN.   Right now we are in the process of moving.  We now own two businesses under one roof.  Not only do have the brokerage but, now I own 14 trucks with step decks.  I was able to get my feet in the door with (“private info. on these companies”) for direct freight and broker freight.  I have not yet tried to look at the projections for this year, however I believe it will be my best year ever.

Workshop Office Location

31 S. Center Street   Suite D-2   Winder, GA 30680